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Tattoo Studio Window Display

Bizarre Ink Tattoo Studio Edinburgh

To receive a price for a tattoo, You will need to come into the shop at 36 West Port, Edinburgh, EH1 2LD.

We do not price via online, social media or telephone, so the artists can give a more accurate price for the work involved with  Your tattoo.

Our artists can then advise on placement, style, and any changes required, give You a quote for Your tattoo, then arrange a suitable appointment for You.  This can only be done via a face to face consultation.

For visitors to Edinburgh, We advise You come in as soon as You arrive in the city, this will give Us the best chance to help You arrange a suitable and convenient appointment.

Our shop minimum is £60

FOR LARGE SCALE TATTOOS ONLY, which  involve multiple sittings, We charge

£270 – 3 hour package (saves £30)
£500 – 6 hour package (saves £100)

Deposit – The minimum deposit is £50, full day sitting is £100, please note all deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!!

WE ARE CASH ONLY, there are two ATM’s less than a minute away either side of the shop

Like what you see? Please come into the shop and the artists will be happy to help you!